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Animals in skeleton paint, and other weird pet costumes

Animals in skeleton paint, and other weird pet costumes

I love animals. I love skeletons. I love animals masquerading as skeletons. Before PETA gets their  knickers in a knot, this paint is non-toxic and washes right off after the haunting has ceased. I’m thinking these animals probably enjoyed the stroking and attention, and the fact that they dodged the bullet with all the cloth and elastic their owners could have instead strapped them into. What say you?

 This? horsesdraped

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…or this? skeletoncow

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painted cats5

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My cats would never sit still for this. The attention whores would be rolling over for belly rubs or rubbing paint all over my pant legs.


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This isn’t a costume! It’s a training aid for horse masseurs.



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Where is this?? Williamsburg? I want to go live there and hang (no, not from a rope) with the skeleton crew that does this! Please go have a look at their blog post… it’s ghoulish!



Skeleton Horse and Apocalyptic Horse at Knot Just Rope in Ohio. I’m living on the wrong side of the country.



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I have nothing against Andy Warhol, but I’d find this funnier if he were replaced with John Malkovich.



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This is Incredible.



Want to paint your pet?

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PetPaint Whippet White


PetPaint Basset Black


PetPaint Bone Stencil

But, really, just freehand it, or make your own stencil.

And I leave you with…



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