Ouija Ouija Ouija

Ouija Ouija Ouija


Mortifying Disclaimer: This blog contains affiliate links, which means I receive payment if you make a purchase using any links. This is to help pay for my domain, and any spooky adventures I may post about in the future.

Every often I get myself on a binge of one kind or another. Today it’s Ouija. I keep seeing this image of this Ouija Board coffee table , thinking, “I can do that!”, and I probably can, but I’m too damned lazy or busy with other crafty stuff most of the time. Plus, it takes space, which is at a premium until we move elsewhere. If I made this, could I sell it? Because I want the experience, but I don’t have the furniture space at the mo’.


Anyway, yeah, binge. There are a sheet ton of Amazon affiliate links to crazy fun Ouija stuff below. Don’t mind me. I just collect ideas and try to monetize, because who doesn’t enjoy doing that? I’m honest about it. Have fun browsing, and don’t get yourself into any spooky mystical oracle trouble!

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