Sweetly Dark and Ominous: The Music of Derek and Brandon Fiechter

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I originally discovered Derek & Brandon Fiechter during a search for creepy carnival music. I go through phases: creepy carnival, creepy circus, creepy theremin, creepy this, creepy that, creepy creepy, and Weird Al, REM and Beck for the sunnier days. Digressing, I’m so grateful to have found this dastardly and brotherly (I assume – I can’t seem to find much about them aside from residing in Indiana) duo. They really know how to delightfully darken a mood. From creepy dolls haunted carnivals, elven music to ambient space music, I think they’ve got everything covered.

Please enjoy listening to a bit of their genius…

You can buy Enchanted Ballroom here.

I believe Dark Cemetery is my somber favorite, but to choose would be stifling… wouldn’t you agree?

You can buy Creepy Amusement Park here.

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